Poreč Croatia

On the Istrian peninsula

Poreč is located in Croatia, on the Istrian peninsula at the very western part of the country.


The great advantage of Poreč is it’s location – easily reachable by plane, train, bus or car.

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Location of Poreč

How to get to Poreč by plane

There are numerous nearby airports to choose from when planning a trip to Poreč.
How to get to Poreč by plane
Poreč location


From larger European cities to Poreč

Amsterdam – Poreč: 1396km

Varšava – Poreč: 1241km

Berlin – Poreč: 1152km

Prag – Poreč: 851km

Zurich – Poreč: 763km

Bratislava – Poreč: 591km

Munchen – Poreč: 564km

Beč – Poreč: 546km

Budimpešta – Poreč: 604km

Milano – Poreč: 496km

Zagreb- Poreč: 249km

Ljubljana – Poreč: 162km

Trst – Poreč: 77km

Highlights of Poreč

Explore the cultural heritage of Poreč

Euphrasian Basilica

Discover UNESCO World Heritage Site and a stunning example of Byzantine architecture from 6th century

Old town

The main streets of the old town of Poreč, Decumanus and Cardo Maximus, are even nowadays preserved in their original, correct geometrical arrangement of the Roman town with many beautiful old Venetian villas.


The most striking feature of the basilica are its mosaics, mostly with gold grounds, dating from the 6th century.


Beaches around Poreč